Thursday, June 12, 2008


Wow ... I last blogged in November 2007.

That's a friggin' long time. Time really flies. Especially when you are so friggin' busy.

It looks like everyone has jumped onto the blogging band wagon. Every farks seem to have something to say. Farks. Even a 7 year old kid is blogging away. Maybe I should blog about what goes on in my mind when I am just a 7 year old. But then again, I can't remember much about what was happening to me when I was 7 year old.

And since I can't friggin much remember ... I take it that I have had a very bad child-hood. Bad in what sense? I don't know. Why I don't know? 'Cos I can't farking remember!

Well enough for today. Thought I would try and kick start my blogs again. But seeing every farker is blogging about every damn thing, makes me wonder ... what's there to blog anymore?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Broom

Some of you may have read about our Menteri Besar awarding a broom to state government agencies for not performing well enough.

Today, in the newspapers, you get people bitching and complaining that it was not appropriate to do so and the Menteri Besar should have found other ways to tell the agency to buck up.

FARK THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you cant farking take the criticism, farking work your ass off!

I honestly think its a damn good idea. If they have done their jobs, they need not worry about embarassment or criticism. In bahasa, its called, TAHU MALU PUN!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Astro new 3 digits channel

Astro recently "upgraded" their system and as a result, all the channels now are in 3 digits.

I hear people bitching about having to remember the new channel numbers. That goes to show this dumb farks got nothing better to do but watch tv at home. If some of you dont know, the tv is also known as the idiot box. But then again, in this age and era with discovery channels and national geographic channels... its no longer as idiotic as it was.

Why am I blogging about the 3 digits? Frankly, Astro are idiots as well. They forgot about our senior citizens. The geriatics. I should call Astro ANTI-GERIATIC.


Take for example. My mum. She is old. Have poor eye sight. Uses bi-focals. And over the years ... her hands developed arthritis.

Now picture this. She wants to change channel. She has to pick up that dumb remote. She has to bring it up close to her face to look at the numbers there. By virtue of doing so, she is no longer pointing the remote towards the decoder unit. So if she is not pointing at it but virtually pointing it towards the ceiling, how do you think the remote can change the channel?

Next, with her arthritic fingers, she tries to press the numbers. By the time she try to press the 3rd digit, astro will display a message for the 2 digit numbers and say no such channel.

Imagine this. Bring remote close to the eyes. See 1 number. Point to decoder. Press. Bring remote to eyes. Try to see another number. Point to decoder. Press. Then quickly with arthritic fingers try to press 3rd digit. Yup ... there you go, no friggin way she can get to the channel in time. Imagine her frustration.

So Astro ... thanks for being such an ass. I have to tell my mum, stick to one channel or just press the + or - on the remote to change channels. Thank goodness all the chinese drama channels are located next to each other. Otherwise, there will be lots of + and - to press to channel surf.